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5 Tips To Stay Motivated

5 Tips to stay motivated

Hey Beautiful People

Staying motivated can be so difficult right? there is always something that stands in our way. the list piles up and the all of a sudden it's easier to ignore it than try and get it all done. I'm so very guilty of this. Especially when mental health take the spotlight of my day. Currently I'm in the middle of taking a big leap and moving to a new country, and with new change comes new motivation!

I thought since I’m starting again id bring you along for the ride & show you my new plan for being a badass boss bitch and smashing through the rest of my yearly targets for the last 3 months of 2016! – For the love of chocolate how is there only 3 months left of this year?

Ok, here we go, my top 5 things that help me (and hopefully you) be more productive.

1. Time Scheduling

I find that I work a lot better if I have set times to stick too. That way I can’t fall behind and I still have lots of time to relax so I don’t feel over worked. Here is a basic version of my new day-to-day schedule as of today. Not everything I do during the day is on here but as you can see I try to keep things to simple tasks over a good amount of time so I don’t feel stressed and can easily achieve my work loads throughout the day.

2. Wake up early

I know I know. It's hard. But trust me stick at it for 3-4 days and all of a sudden it will impossible to sleep in anymore. The earlier you get up the more time you have to get more done! I’ve sucked at this for the last month and have considered it a good day if I’ve managed to get up for midday but I have to admit I miss being able to get up at 7 and spreading my time waking up, doing some exercise and making a nice breakfast before I sit down at my desk to take on the work day at 9:30.

3. Take Breaks

DO NOT skip your breaks! It may seem counter productive to stop working for however long but trust me that time away from your desk and just relaxing is going to do you the world of good and keep you motivated and ready to go for when you sit back down again later. If you work all day without a break you will start to burn yourself out and you wont want to work at all and that’s how you start falling behind on everything.

4. Get Help

When you run a blog or solo business it feels like you have to somehow know how to do everything yourself and you have to find the time to do all these things like you are some kind of superwoman. STOP IT. It's ok to get some help. Me personally, accounting is something I just can’t bring myself to care about so I have someone else do that for me otherwise it will never get done. I have other bloggers that help run ‘The Keep Smiling Project’ with me so I don’t feel overwhelmed with running that on top of my own social media and my clients. My boyfriend will help with photography because sometimes the timer option on my camera just isn’t good enough. If you try and take on too much at once you are going to get frustrated and give up. So learn when it's ok to let others help you be the badass boss bitch you are.

5. Find your work jam

Personally, if the room is silent there is no way in hell I’m getting any work done. I’ll either put the TV on low in the background or I’ll have music on that motivates me to get on with my day. I find classical music really helpful while I’m writing as there are no lyrics to distract me from my words. If I’m editing photos however I need loud sing along at the top of my lungs kind of music to keep me going. Find what works best for you and take full advantage of it!

So there we go, as of today this is my new work plan! I can’t wait to get back into everything and love what I’m doing again. How do you motivate yourself to get your work done?

Keep Smiling

Leonie xx

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