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Top 5 Apps For Anxiety

top 5 apps for anxiety

Hey Beautiful People

Dealing with anxiety is a day-to-day struggle but there are some things that can help. One of the things I use a lot on a day-today basis to help is my phone. its my job to be on it all day anyway so I might as well make it as useful as I can right? Here my top five apps for helping with anxiety, I hope you find some comfort in them like I do. Although we may never be rid of our mental health we can always help each other, never forget you are not alone.


Relax2Breathe App - top 5 apps for anxiety

This app is my go to instant support when I can feel a panic attack coming on. This app is as simple as it sounds. designed to help you regulate your breathing which when you can feel an panic attack coming on is one of the most helpful things to have.  You are able to customise the background and music playing in the background to your taste so that your other senses help to put you in a more calm state. 

SAM - Self Help For Anxiety Management

S.A.M App - top 5 apps for anxiety

This beauty does what it says on the tin. and as silly as it may sound just to keep a track on your mood and levels of anxiety it really has helped to to see a bit clearer what and why makes my anxiety peek. the app also has small task to help you re focuses and calm down when you can feel your anxiety building. they are simple and easy and definitely nothing special, however they do the job of re focusing your mind away from the panic, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you how valuable that is. 

The self help section as loads of information on different things (big or small) that you can start implementing into your day to day life. they also have a social cloud where you can talk to others in your position. 


Digipill App - top 5 apps for anxiety

Different hypnotherapy tracks designed to help with different things, I use them for, productivity, sleep and over all well being. I find it very hard to get to sleep sometimes, especially if my boyfriend is away and so i help that the sleep track helps me stop thinking about a million and one things while I'm trying to get to sleep. My favourite one is for productivity. Trying to get work done with anxiety can feel impossible but if i listen to the track and have a little 15 minutes to myself before I start I find I get a lot more done than if I had not listened to it.  

Stress & Anxiety Companion

Stress & Anxiety companion App - top 5 apps for anxiety

This app is a basic and simplified version of some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) technics. Now i must stress that this most definitely wouldn't replace real CBT but it definitely is a great tool to work along side it. the app can be used to:

  • manage your breathing 

  • relax your muscles 

  • reframe from negative thoughts

  • create thought cards 

  • learn about stress and anxiety

I find learning about stress and anxiety a great way to overcome some parts of it. because some of the panic can come from not understanding why it is happening to you, the ore you learn about it the more in control you begin to become. this app has brain games, breathing techniques and a lot of information to help you gain more control over your anxiety 

Way of life 

Way Of Life App - top 5 apps for anxiety

This app is designed to help you make or break habits. weather you have bad habits that trigger your anxiety that you want to get rid of, or you want to create healthier habits that will benefit and keep you in a calmer frame of mind this app is a great one to do both. It sends you reminders to help keep you on track and gives you charts to see how you are doing. from anything as simple as drinking enough water today to training yourself to be more positive. 

Other apps that might be helpful 

  • pill trackers  - cuz sometimes its feels impossible to remember to take them every day

  • fitness apps  - exercise is proven to life our moods and well being, might as well give it a go right?

  • coin flip - I can't make decisions, and sometimes it will stress me out especially if I am in public so I now let a simple coin flip app do it for me.

  • puppies - if looking at puppies doesn't cheer you up then go look at them anyway because your lying. 

  • meditation apps - meditation is a great way to help clear your mind of too many negative thoughts 

  • sleep trackers - Anxiety can make sleep an impossible task, keeping a sleep tracker is useful so you can visually see how much you are getting and how you naturally fall asleep most. 

Keep Smiling 

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