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10 Tips to Help Your Mental Health

Hey beautiful people

Living with mental health is always a battle and it can feel like a lot of things are against you when you are trying your hardest to be more positive. Here are 10 simple things I do to aid my positivity and improve my mental health.

Delete your Facebook app

Now I know this is easier said than done but if I can do this while having a job in social media I promise you can too. Admittedly I still have the page app for my business pages and client’s pages and message app for my work profile but as far as being able to look at my personal account I do not let myself have it on my phone anymore. Facebook is my worst distraction. I get sucked into scrolling through and reading all the gossip and negative things so quickly that its simply easier for me to take it out of the equation. Our heads are all ready full of a million thoughts and worries there is no need to have an app feeding us even more!


I know I know, look who’s talking right? But trust be there are ways to have fun with it! Even if its just taking a walk to the shop and back. Its better to do it than to not right? What feels like a credibly long time about now I used to LOVE dancing, it was one of my greatest passions. As of a few weeks ago I have finally managed to convinced myself to start training again at home to build up my strength and confidence until I think I’m ready to start REALLY dancing again like I used to. This isn’t that hard to do really, there are THOUSANDS of videos on YouTube for techniques, routines and training. All you need is the space to dance around. Find a form of exercise that feels fun to you and DO IT! I promise you are going to start feeling better in the long run.

Cut out the negative people

I have to admit I find this one really hard because I don’t like offending people but listen. If you have people in your life that are only around for the things they gain from you instead of being a real friend, or you have friends that are constantly mean or rude and complaining about things that don’t matter. CUT.THEM.OUT. when I’m around people like this my attitude is instantly changed for the rest of the day. If you want to have a positive life you have got to surround yourself with positive people. It really is that simple. I know its super hard to do this and I to this day I still can’t say no to certain people even though I know that they aren’t my real friends and only talk to me when they want something but even if you just slowly stop talking to them and try and say no when they want something from you eventually they will give up and you wont have to have that worry anymore.

Help others

Now I know I now look like I’m completely contradicting myself BUT I mean help the people that need and deserve it. It can be as simple as doing the dishes so your mum doesn’t have to. Or if you have some free time go do some volunteer work in your local community. We get a great feeling when you do good things and help others so if you can top up those feelings as much as possible you’re going in the right direction to helping yourself stay in a positive mind set.

Find your happiness album

No matter how much or little you may be into music EVERYONE has at least one album that they can’t help but sing along and dance around to. I honestly believe this to be one of my most powerful tools for when I need to turn my mood around. As you can see my album is incredibly cheesy but hey, it reminds me of being young lying in the sun with my friends and no matter how much of a bad mood I’m in, if I put that album on eventually I’m up dancing and singing along and my mood is so much better because of it.

Go outside

This can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do. Social if like me a lot of your anxiety is linked to being in public. But if you can find places outside your house (even if its just your garden) that are still quite like small parks, woods, bookstores, little coffee shops etc try and force yourself out even if its only for 20 minutes because some fresh air will do you the world of good.

Take the TV out of your bedroom

I think this is one of the best things I ever did. Don’t get me wrong I still will watch TV until stupid hours on the sofa but at least eventually I have to get up and to sleep, whereas if I watch TV n bed I just stay up until the next day watching things I don’t even care about. Making that separation between the living room and your bedroom will work wonders for your ability to actually get some sleep!

Morning Meditation

Set your alarm 10-30 minutes before you actually need to be up to get ready and take that time to wake up and have a 10 minutes meditation to get yourself for the day. There are so many studies showing the benefits of meditation. It can be really hard to get used to at first but once you do you’ll find it’s a great way to stat your day with a positive and clear mind set.

Pamper Yourself

I try really hard to have at least one night a week to myself to treat myself. I’ll turn my phone onto do not disturb, repaint my nails, have a candle lit bubble bath, out in a hair mask and a face mask and watch something fun while eating some treats on the sofa. It really does make all the difference. I feel so relaxed and calm and for that few hours I don’t have to worry about anything.

Be creative

There are a million and one ways to be creative but for me writing and signing songs is by far the best way to out me in a good mood. I always feel so uplifted afterwards and continue to have a great day when we’ve out in some time to at least sing through our old songs if not writing a new one. What is your creative outlet?

What do you try to do to help you stay positive?

Keep Smiling

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