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30 Day Confidence Challenge

Hey Beautiful People!

Welcome to the first ever post on 'The Keep Smiling Project'!!! I'm so happy to be finally starting this adventure with you all and I hope you are too.

Would consider yourself to be a confident person? Unfortunately not many people answer yes to this question, BUT it doesn't mean you can't learn to be! These are not qualities we are born with, yes they came a but more naturally to some people but ANYONE can learn how to be confident and you are about to starting today!

Growing up I was a shy child to say the least. My friends got to see the real bubbly me once i was comfortable but to the rest of the world I was very closed off . . . I wasn't until i was much older (around 21/22) that I finally learnt how to be confident with everything and everyone life would throw at me. Think of all the extra dates I could have got if I had only known right?

The average human has around 65,000 thoughts every day! No wonder we find it hard to focus on the good things. Worry and fear are natural emotions, we all have them. I not going to tell you need to learn to be fearless and not care about anything ever again. But if these emotions are stopping from leaving the house, taking opportunities and having fun, then this challenge I have for you might be the step in the right direction to getting your wonderful self back out there!

Introducing my 30 day confidence challenge!!!

It is said to take on average 30 days to make a new habit stick and so this challenge is designed to start helping you to think about yourself as confident until it becomes a subconscious habit! Quality of life can be determined by how you feel about yourself, how happy you are, and your level of self-esteem so anything that is going to help towards that can only be a good thing right? If you can commit to doing this simple task for 30 days I promise its going to start making a difference for you (:

Print off your free printable >> here <<

this download contains 2 sheets, one for you to cross of your 30 days so you can keep track of what you are doing and a list of different affirmations.

How it works :

Starting from the first day all I want you to do is repeat that days affirmation as often as you can through out the day. Simple as that.

The more we tell ourselves something we more we believe it, so really do try to do this as much as you possibly can each day. when i first starting doing this I had alarms on my phone going off every hour reminding me to do it until it go easier and easier to believe the things I was saying. Do whatever you can to remind yourself, the first couple of days can be hard, and you might feel a bit silly but keep at it!

Let me know how you get on with your 30 day challenge and come find me on social media if you need anything or have any questions

Keep Smiling


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