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Sup Witches!

How are you all? It's that beautiful time of year again where the tree begin to change to their beautiful autumn colours and the wind is starting to bite back at night time. Is there a single witch in the world that doesn't love autumn/fall?

Samhain is fast approaching and around this time of year I like to look at my craft and see what needs reorganising in order to make things more streamline for the new year.

Recently i've been looking for a way to have all my self made spells and rituals in one place other than sporadicly on random pages of my Grimoire or BOS. Then one day while cooking dinner I came up with a solution.

RECIPE CARDS! instead of a box full of recipes for cooking, how about cards with all the details of your favourite spells and rituals ready and to hand just when you need them! if you are anything like me, stationary is a love affair that will never end for you. AND SOOOOOOOO.... I created some spell crafting cards! These cards have 4 simple fields to fill out to keep track of your spells and rituals.

  • Spell working/goal

  • Moon phase / day

  • Tools / ingredients

  • Directions

you can print these off on whatever paper you like - I recommend something a bit more sturdy than normal printing paper but it will work just fine if that is all you have.

I really hope y'all find these useful or use the idea to create some of your own!

Until next time witches

Keep smiling

Leonie x

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