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My Tattoos

Hey Beautiful People

A few people on twitter have been asking me to do a post about my tattoos since I put up the post about my water colour one that I got most recently. I have 7 so far and plan to get a lot more in the future. Most of them are nothing special (cared to the watercolour one) but hey you asked so I provide (:

This bird cage was my very first tattoo at the age of 18. Apologies for the weird angle but this tattoo is right at the top of my left thigh and see it was hard to get a good picture without you getting an eyeful of my ass so yeah…sorry haha.

I got this tattoo to remind me of my grandfather who passed away. He was a wonderful singer and a great influence on my love of singing. He used to call us the two songbirds so I got an open bird cage to show he’s flown off to a better place. I would like to one day get a song bird somewhere else on my body but I think it will still take me a few years to be fully ready to do that. I got this tattoo done at shop called Electric Ink in Guildford, Surrey.

These next three tattoos I got at the same tattoo shop over the space of two years but in all honestly I can not for the life of be remember what order I got them in . . .

Here’s my what people now like to call “the basic bitch” tattoo.

When I got this dream catcher I had originally drawn it based on something I had seen on Tumblr and added the Triquetra to proudly show my love for the TV show Charmed and my own craft . . . Judge me as you will but I LOVED that show! I used to love dreams when I was growing up and spent a lot of time writing dream journals and desperately trying to learn how to lucid dream. Apparently now everyone has a dream catcher tattoo but hey I still love mine (:

This writing along my right shoulder is a lyric from a song by Fairground Attraction “Its Got to Be Perfect”. The song is one of both my mum and my dad’s favourite songs and is probably one of the first songs I learnt how to to sing properly. It always reminds me of them as well as my love for singing. I walked into the tattoo shop just to see how much it would cost as I had had the idea about 20 minutes before leaving the house that day and 30 minutes later I walked out the shop with it on my body forever.

Like most people my age Disney was a big part of my childhood. Minnie mouse was and still is my all time favourite characters & I always new that I was going to want something to show that one day. On yet another very impulsive day when a friend was visiting to also get a tattoo I ended up deciding to join in and get Minnie and Micky on my shoulders. I love them they are so cute, eventually Id like to add some colour around it with a princess castle in the background (:

This tattoo I got in the first year of living in Southampton. This is a version of my personal logo that I’ve had pretty much ever since posting anything on the internet. It's changed now but it will always be special to me as it marks the start of working for myself and taking the world by storm! I decided to get this done as a form of commitment to myself. It's with me forever now so i better make something amazing from it all right?

I got this tattoo at the end of my second year in Southampton after a big break up at the time. As you have probably worked out by now I’m very impulsive when it comes to my tattoos and so after moving into a studio apartment right on the high street and deciding to live completely on my own for the first time (this was terrifying to me at the time as I wasn’t very good at coping with being by myself at night time) I decided I wanted a new tattoo to remember my new found independence and to mark the next stage of my life. The quote is something I say to myself a lot when I’m stressing out and the image is from one of my favourite films Wolf Children.

here.My pride & joy! This is my most recent tattoo to date. I’m not going to go into loads of detail about this one as I have a whole blog post coming about this bad boy so if you want to know more about you can check out that post when it arrives haha

That’s all my tattoos so far (:

What tattoos do you have? Or are you planning on getting any?

Keep Smiling


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